The Vault

Over the years I've put a lot of crap on the internet. Some of it is kinda cool, some of it is pretty funny to look at now.


I've put a lot of music on the internet over the years. In August 2010, I started putting my songs on a google site called "Jesse's Songs". That website has some hilarious stuff on it. Towards the end of 2011 I made a soundcloud which was linked with my Facebook account and I must have either decided I didn't want it linked with my Facebook or forgot I made it that way, because I ended up making a second soundcloud which I ended up using primarily. While I was in college I had to memorize the books of the Bible for a class and I was frustrated there wasn't a good song to help so I decided to make my own. At the time I thought other people might want to use it as well, so I made a google site for it. Some parts of that song are ok, some are cringe-worthy. Apparently the SoundCloud player doesn't work anymore but you can still download the MP3. I still use the second soundcloud I made, but I only really release random junk on there because I sell the cream of the crop stuff under the Jetler name now.

Other Stuff

  • Jesse's Software - Old software site from February 2013. I obviously wasn't into web software back then.
  • Reaper Tutorial - From around April 2012. My friend wanted me to show him how to use a program called Reaper.

From this site

Stuff that used to be on this site that is now hidden:


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