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Glow Shrimp Software is the more memorable name for Jesse Hufstetler's various software projects. And I guess it's just for projects in general, like Jetler.

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Serum FM Wavetable Studio

Makes wavetables using FM Synthesis for Xfer Records' SERUM.

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Brown Noise Generator

Generates noise similar to that of a waterfall or fan. For studying, sleeping, etc.

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Serum Wavetable Maker 2

An idea I had for generating SERUM wavetables in the browser.

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Starfish Limiter

This is a brickwall limiter plugin I made for Reaper/JS.

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I make Electronic Dance Music. Kind of sounds like Nitro Fun or Madeon.

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Fortune of Souls

I make Electronic Dance Music where my mom does the vocals (seriously!).

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JavaScript Serum Wavetable Maker

Make wavetables the web developer way!

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